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The Full Story



The objective was to remove all non-original paint and coating layers to reveal the original interior stone and brickwork of the Don Jail. Additionally, all non-original coatings were removed from the cast iron enclosures and stairwells by means of chemical removers.


Once all coatings were removed, an application of compatible conservation grade varnish and topcoats were applied to further protect the original materials. All window sashes inclusive of their hardware were removed from the frames, catalogued, and shipped to the shop. Removed all glazing putty and salvaged all heritage glass. Removed all existing coatings, repaired windows with wood Dutchmen and wood epoxy. A coat of double-boiled linseed oil and then a coat of bonding primer and two finish coats of 100% acrylic were applied.


Once the finish was cured, the glass was re-installed with new glazing putty. Then re-installed onsite.

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